Space Elements has been invited to attend an event hosted by the University of Texas McDonald Observatory with a focus on Advanced Astrophotography.

The event will take place from May 14th to May 16th and will be led by Stephen Hummel and Matt Dieterich. Stephen Hummel is a Dark Skies Specialist at the McDonald Observatory, which is a research branch at the University of Texas at Austin’s Astronomy Department. Matt Dieterich is a Technical Services Manager for PlaneWave Instruments and a world-renowned photographer with specialties in Deep Sky Astronomy, Nightscapes and Landscapes.

“We are honored and humbled to be invited to the McDonald Observatory to study under Stephen Hummel and Matt Dieterich. This research facility has several incredible instruments and telescopes which contribute to humanity’s understanding of the cosmos. We are also looking forward to testing PlaneWave’s latest telescope, the Delta Rho 350,” said Space Elements Founder, Ira Bell.

The workshop will focus on advanced astronomy and astrophotography techniques, such as using large telescopes to create deep images of galaxies millions of light years away, capturing rare and fleeting red sprites and stunning nightscape imagery. All astronomical data and images captured by Space Elements at the event will be made available to the public after the event has concluded.