Space Elements has reached an agreement with PlaneWave Instruments to build a CDK500 class observatory system.

PlaneWave Instruments is building this system with a tentative completion date of August, 2022. This observatory system is the second large telescope project for Space Elements and will be installed at a location in the Northern Hemisphere. The primary telescope is a .508 meter CDK 20, which is a f/7.77 focal ratio, “Corrected Dall-Kirkham Astrograph” design.

L-500 Mount

The CDK500 observatory class system will include a PlaneWave L-500 Mount in an equatorial configuration. The mount weighs 257 lbs and is capable of supporting a max load capacity of 200 lbs, which will easily support the 140 lbs 20″ CDK 20 optical tube assembly and various components (e.g. image train, additional wide field telescope, etc.).

The L-500 mount is similar to the L-600 mount PlaneWave built for Space Elements, in that it has Direct Drive motors with on-axis encoders and incredible slew speeds (up to 50 degrees per second, satellite tracking capabilities, etc.). The mount’s high resolution encoders on each axis create precise positioning capabilities with zero backlash or periodic error.

This is our second major observatory system build which reinforces our commitment toward helping humanity explore the universe.

Ira Bell – Founder, Space Elements

Expected Completion and Observatory Location

While the anticipated completion date for the build is August, 2022, Space Elements and PlaneWave will likely install the CDK500 observatory class system in September, 2022. The location for the observatory has not yet been selected.