Recently, Space Elements made a capital contribution to help establish a new fund at the Univerity of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business Gateway Program. The fund is called the “Bennett Gateway Fund” and was by led by a few charitable donors.

Tippie Gateway Program at the University of Iowa

Mark Archibald, Director of the Gateway Program at University of Iowa shared the following statement, “The Bennett Gateway Fund has allowed students to attend the Tippie College of Business and more fully engage in their business educations. We know how critical removing barriers to participation and engagement can be for students who eagerly want to learn about and have a career in business. Scholarship opportunities like the Bennett Fund do just that. Through the recruitment process we can identify students for whom this kind of support will make the difference in having access to an education and everything that should come with it.”

Space Elements aims to give back to the community through the use of of our observatories, scholarships, and more. “We are proud to have helped high school juniors from backgrounds typically underrepresented in business to have more opportunities.”, said Ira Bell, CEO, Space Elements.

In order to learn more about University of Iowa’s Gateway Program or to give, please visit one of the following links: